Model: Monochromatic "Chanel" tubino with Rdress fabric insert depicting "Identità Imposta" artwork. Tubino has short sleeves, is unlined and is long up to the knee.

Fabric: 100% Eco-sustainable techno-fabric made with ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn. Dynamic, hyper-resistant, thin, elegant, elastic, soft and breathable fabric.

Handmade in: 100% handmade in Italy.


A guarantee certificate is provided for the authenticity of the artwork reproduced in the dress.

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White Tubino with Rdress "Identità Imposta" artwork

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  • We advise that the colors proposed by us, may undergo slight variations in tone, due to the production of fabrics, not dependent on our will. These are variations, mostly imperceptible, that do not affect the product or its usability. Our style department is always vigilant about these variations and aims to provide the fabric with the least possible chromatic variation. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.